Lease-To-own September 2010

"My husband and I felt like we were at a dead-end and that we would never be able to buy a house with our low credit, until we found Laurel and Daniel of SASREIG. One call and we were on our way to finding a home. Thanks to rent to own and SASREIG we are now living in a beautiful home on 2 acres in Heckston that we will soon call our own."
Bev and Rob Bova, Heckston, ON

Laurel Simmons
Daniel St-Jean
Professional Real Estate Investors, Educators & Sherpas

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Our “Claim to Fame”

We started real estate investing seriously in the spring of 2010, shortly after we had formed our real estate corporation—SASREIG—on February 1st 2010.

We set up our first Lease-To-Own (LTO) deal in September 2010.

And as of April 2019, a mere short 8 1/2 years after setting up the first one, we have set up 47 LTO deals using the Revolutionary Financing Formula strategy that I have created for LTO. We also used that Formula in July 2014 to "buy and hold" 11 new houses in Niagara-on-the-Lake for executive rental.

Since day one, either as legal or beneficial owners, we have acquired of 59 properties (including our personal home) valued at just over $22 million in total… but what makes people pay attention to us and what we have achieved is that we have not used one dollar of our own money in any of the deals that we have done so far.

100% financed with OPM—Other People's Money!

And the other thing we have done that has received a lot of attention—including the 2014 Joint Venture Partner of the Year award from the Ontario chapter of REIN—is the way we structure our joint ventures.

Our Revolutionary Joint Venture Formula means no sharing of responsibilities, workload, expenses…or profits! No proformas, and no reporting to the investors… imagine that!

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"I would like to thank Daniel and his wife Laurel for their excellent management of an investment I had with them. I had to leave early and Daniel replaced my funds, covered the costs and was a pleasure to work with. He has incredible integrity and has guaranteed our returns from his personal assets. I enjoyed working with him and would like to do so again in the future."
Heather Borquez, Professional Real Estate Investor, Ottawa, ON

"I have been working with Daniel & Laurel over the past 2 ½ years and I have found them to be a good couple to work with. I work with clients in their rent to own program to help them re-establish their credit and then follow-up with them every 6 months to make sure they are progressing with their credit. I have found that Daniel & Laurel are genuinely interested in having their clients succeed in completing their term in the rent to own program and then moving on to being able to carry a mortgage by themselves. I have worked with other Rent to Own programs/investors and most never check in to see how their clients are doing, but Daniel checks in with me regularly for updates on how the clients are doing."
Margaret Shinners, owner of Mortgage Managers, Halifax, NS